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Label: AMXIII Productions
UPC: 859739778854
Genre: Alternative

Lilith - Angelo Mercurio
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As Above, So Below (AaSb) is my new music piece. Mostly inspired by Horror Films like Evil Dead (Sam Raimi) and Mandy (Panos Cosmatos), while it touches the mysteries of the Occult.

Music, Vocals, Production, Mixing and Mastering by:
Angelo Mercurio

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Label: AMXIII Productions
UPC: 859737594548
Genre: Orchestra / Instrumental

Lilith - Angelo Mercurio
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Inspired not only by the mythical Mistress of the night, but mainly by the upcoming Blizzard Video Game Release Diablo IV. When I first saw the Trailer “By Three They Come” back in November 2019, I couldn't get it out of my head. I was such a hardcore Diablo player that I felt almost obliged to put the forces of darkness to work and create a re-imagined theatrical concept made of traditional instruments and a sinister summoning. It was the first day of January 2020, a few hours after the annual celebration when inspiration struck me and I started composing this piece. After writing the concept, composing the music, writing the “summoning” part, recording the vocals, editing the vocals, mixing and mastering it ... I proudly present to you LILITH !!

Music Composer / Writer / Sound Designer / Mixing : Angelo Mercurio
Voice : Carrie Getman
Photography : Marcel Tucano
Cover Artist : Athena Kaos

Special Thanks:

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Label: AMXIII Productions
UPC: 859734060923
Genre: Electronic / Instrumental

Lucifer - Angelo Mercurio
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Imagine if you could dive deep into humanity’s mysterious past, into a time far beyond history. Angelo Mercurio takes the fragments of a long forgotten era, and he's using them to create a music concept of it made of minimalism, sound design, dark melodies and strong atmosphere. Prepare to leave your comfort for a while and get ready to emerge. “Lucifer” offers you a trip to the unknown.

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